We made it our mission to partner with plastic surgeons to help save more lives with our sequential compression device because:

Abdominoplasty surgeries are at higher risk of developing a DVT
Patients under anesthesia 30 minutes or longer are at a greater risk
Studies suggest that The risk of a DVT can last up to 30 days after the patient goes home
Patients don’t know about this silent killer when they do, many times it’s too late
saving a few hundred dollars isn’t worth your patient missing out of the rest of their life

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The American Society of Plastic Surgery reports up to 20,000 plastic surgery patients will get a DVT each year

In early 2020 many plastic surgeons flocked to Vegas to network while learning about new procedures to help their patients. They were also there to learn the newest protocols safety. Ortho8 was accepted to be a vendor. Our booth was set up, banners, literature as well as the gleaming overhead lights to shine on our latest product. We each took a seat inside the booth then proceeded to put a pair of our take home SCD’s on our legs. The law of attraction caused them to steal the show! The tiny pumps could be heard humming in a song of unison. The surgeons began to flock towards us like a group of birds. One after another, they came to see what the commotion was.

After endless amounts of surgeons wanting to buy our units on the spot, it dawned on us that they haven’t been supported by a company to show them a non-pharma way they can reduce their liability while saving their patient’s life.

Upon our return, we made a choice that we would focus on reaching more plastic surgeons to share the good new about Circul8, a cost effective take home sequential compression device that can reduce the chance of their patients developing a DVT after leaving their care.

or dial 916-234-6488